7 Essential Traits of Likability

Essential traits of likability

The following are the seven most essential behavioral aspects of likability. Once you master these, your likability will skyrocket.

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Know the difference between confidence and arrogance

Self-confidence acts like a magnet around people. 

In the words of Stephen Richards,

“Self-confidence is contagious.”

Believing in yourself – and knowing where life is taking you – builds attraction. 

However, there is a fine line between believing in your strengths and becoming arrogant. In that same vein, sharing your knowledge will foster your likability, but acting like a teacher will make you look like a jerk. 

Here’s where to draw the line: find out whether your experience and knowledge are helpful and sought-after in a given situation. If not, a confident person will remain silent, while an arrogant person will try to force their thoughts across. 

To sum up, the better you create a gulf between natural self-confidence and artificial arrogance, the more likable you’ll become. 

Listen – don’t just wait for others to finish talking

In our uber-connected, low attention-span world, genuine listeners have become a rarity. 

Ask yourself, how often do you really listen to people? How frequently do you simply register a few words and then wait for them to stop talking? 

The act of not listening is a combination of a low attention span and a lack of respect. 

In contrast, once you make a conscious effort to listen, your interlocutor will notice. And the more people catch your listening effort, the more likable you’ll become. 

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