The Best Minimalist Purchases to Simplify Your Life

Most self-declared minimalists rave about the stuff they got rid of as a result of their increased mindfulness. I am no different. Over the years, I parted with around 80 % of my possessions and became more productive in the process. 

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There are, however, also certain things I started buying as a minimalist. Minimalism isn’t solely about buying less. It is a means to identify the items that add genuine value to your life. 

After cultivating my minimalist mindset, I began to appreciate the importance of versatility and longevity when it comes to material possessions.

As such, this is the way to go when looking for gadgets. Whether you live in a house or apartment, here are the best minimalist purchases.  

The best minimalist purchases to simplify your life

These are some of my minimalist favorites. They enhanced my life in various areas, and all adhere to the notions of quality and durability. 

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In our uber-connected world, there is no substitute for a powerful, robust laptop.

Before igniting the endless debate between Mac and Windows fans, let me say that I’ve tried both. 

Around 4 years ago, I settled for a 13 inch MacBook Pro. All of my best minimalist purchases have become important over time, but the Macbook is simply indispensable. Yes, it is on the expensive side – and you do pay quite a bit for the brand. The MacBook Pro is, however, also one of the best performing laptops on sale today.

I use it to edit photos, write, book flights, watch movies, handle financial transactions, design logos, and everything in between. In short, most of my professional life happens on this laptop. 

Even after four years of intensive usage, it doesn’t show any signs of age. As a protective measure, I keep it in a Walnew Thin Leather case

Ebook reader or a tablet 

Out of all the things I purged on my minimalist odyssey, books were the most painful. I still own over 700 paperbacks and don’t plan on liquidating them anytime soon. 

I nonetheless stopped buying books a while ago and now carry around a treasure trove of literary wisdom on my tablet. Ebooks are simply the better option if you are always on the move

So, what kind of device do I use? 

After having tried out the Kindle, I decided that a fully-fledged tablet would be a more suitable choice thanks to its versatility. 

In this context, I have been using the Lenovo Tab M10 for over a year now, and it doesn’t disappoint. It may not have the technical specs of an Ipad or Galaxy Tab S6 but as a mobile library with a few apps – the Lenovo Tab does an excellent job. 

Minimalist wallet 

Some people ditch their wallets altogether in favor of a trendy phone case with card slots. I see a couple of problems with that.

First, I haven’t come across a phone case with RFID protection so far. They might exist, but it isn’t a market standard yet. Secondly, I thoroughly enjoy a well-designed, minimalist wallet. 

For that reason, I opted for the Bellroy Notesleeve in the hope of solving my perennial wallet predicament. 

For years, I struggled to find a wallet that was minimalist enough to avoid swelling my pocket but also big enough to fit all of my cards and the occasional bill. The Bellroy was the perfect match.

High-quality and inconspicuous, the Notesleeve is now an indispensable component of my everyday carry.

Minimalist travel backpack/carry-on

Whether you’re traveling, navigating your city’s metro stations, or spending a weekend in the wild, a minimalist travel backpack is the best way to store your essentials. 

A while ago, I started using the PacSafe Vibe 40, and it has been a lifesaver ever since. 

Wait, 40 liters is a bit much, isn’t it? 

It naturally depends on what you’re carrying. I’ve concluded that it’s the right size if you only use one bag. Besides, I often travel with a mirrorless camera and a set of lenses – using up considerable chunks of space in my carry-on. 

Aside from its size, the Vibe is also a hailed anti-theft weapon – reinforced with knife-resistant materials, a scan-safe credit card pocket, and several locks. That makes it an ideal companion if you plan on visiting rougher turf.

The best minimalist purchases to simplify your life - minimalist travel backpack - PacSafe 40L Vibe
Discrete, classy, and rugged – the PacSafe Vibe 40

Label-free containers 

Transferring your corn flakes, soap, and other everyday products from branded packages into label-free containers has a purifying effect on your living spaces. 

By reducing the number of visual distractions in your home, you create a more balanced field of vision – enhancing the zen factor of your surroundings. 

In this context, the Oggi canisters are my go-to jars for everything from oats to pasta and rice. Available in different sizes, these acrylic containers also provide an alternative to plastic boxes.

Noise-canceling headphones

My best minimalist purchases certainly also include my Bose Soundlink noise-canceling headphones. Their stomping grounds are noisy environments like coffee shops, planes, and train stations. 

Especially if you work remotely, clearing out pesky background is a crucial productivity safeguard. 

Bose products are known all over the world for their quality, sturdiness, and beautiful design. The Soundlink headphones are no exception. Their stylish lines are only matched by the comfort of their leather ear supports – guaranteeing a pleasant sound experience for long periods.  

Cabinet organizers 

If you’re looking for ways to remove everyday clutter from your living spaces, look no further. Cheap and well-made, the Simple Houseware foldable cubes transform your mess into an intuitive collection of items.

The customizable cubes are practical in your closet, your bathroom, and even your garage.

I use them to store away electronic appliances, to sort toiletries, but also as a means to pinpoint expendable itemsBy establishing clear-cut separations between different types of products, they are every neat freak’s dream. 

Floating bookcases

For those of us who cannot live without physical books, the Umbra shelves are the perfect way to display our literary treasures without clogging up our living spaces.

Easy to mount on any wall, the Umbra bookcases create an illusion of floating books without any type of support. Better still, your collection of paperbacks will look like a minimalist piece of art. 

As such, concealed bookshelves kill two birds with one stone. The books are neatly stored, and you’ll need less wall art. 

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

If you spend a lot of time roaming the planet, you’ll need portable Bluetooth speakers. 

There are lots of situations where you don’t want to listen to music with headphones. Think of social gatherings.

Whether you want to liven up your hotel room, push yourself during a bike ride, or set the mood on a romantic beach encounter, portable speakers like the Anker Soundcore Mini will do the trick.

the best minimalist purchases - couple on the beach - portable Bluetooth speakers
Photo by Amy Skyer / Unsplash

Foldable Storage bench 

We all know the drill. We wonder whether a storage unit would make more sense than an additional chair in a specific area of our home. 

Why not get both? 

I used to live in a small room in a shared apartment. It didn’t have enough storage for my shoes, and it also lacked a second chair. Randomly, I discovered the Ornavo foldable storage bench.

It has been a space saver and utility monster ever since – storing unused pairs of shoes and other clothes all while offering a comfy place to sit.

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