3 Famous Hollywood Minimalists Who Break With Common Stereotypes

Hollywood is not particularly synonymous with minimalism. It’s probably the one place in the world where such concepts seem almost alien. The film industry is awash with well-paid executives, actors, and producers who own large homes and have the sort of lifestyle many can only dream of.

Whilst it would seem that by having means, those fortunate people could live a life surrounded by furniture, gadgets, and luxury, many choose not to.

3 Hollywood minimalists

Indeed, those actors we see on screen living the life we dream of are often minimalists behind the scenes, with their life priorities sorted and in order. Don’t believe us? Here are some famous Hollywood minimalists who do not always indulge in the trapping of the modern world.

3 Famous Hollywood Minimalists Who Break With Common Stereotypes - Hollywood sign at sunset
Photo by Cameron Venti on Unsplash

Leonardo Di Caprio

Di Caprio is one of the world’s most versatile actors, having stepped from teen heartthrob in The Beach and Titanic to major Hollywood star.

Now, he is just as likely to pop up in horror, such as Shutter Island, as he is a Tarantino movie like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Being known for so many roles means Di Caprio is not only a global star but also not held back by a singular part for which he is famous. He might not be minimalist in his choice of roles, but he is in his décor; his $4.9m Los Feliz home is padded out in sleek, mid-century modern minimalist furniture for an uncluttered, uncomplicated lifestyle.

Hollywood minimalists - Leonardo DiCaprio
Credit: Siebbi, Leonardo DiCaprio (Berlin Film Festival 2010) 2 (cropped), CC BY 3.0

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox is always going to be linked with one character, Monica from Friends. For much of the nineties, she starred in the popular sitcom, which became a worldwide phenomenon.

Catchphrases and plotlines entered pop culture, and the show found its way into all manner of digital media.

There were games such as Friends: The One With all the Trivia released on PlayStation 2; you can find iOS and Android games bearing the branding. Foxy Bingo has several titles related to the sitcom, including Friends Bingo and Slingo Friends.

It is still popular today, proven by the Warner Brothers app Friends 25. There’s certainly no room for minimalism when it comes to spin-offs from Cox’s character, but her home is very different. Hello Magazine showed her immaculate beachfront house and minimalist kitchen early in 2021.

Hollywood minimalists - Courtney Cox
Credit: Albert Domasin, Courteney Cox ’10 PaleyFest, CC BY-SA 2.0

Gwyneth Paltrow

Much like Cox, Paltrow has become very well known for one role: Pepper Potts in the Marvel movies.

Pott isn’t a hero in the films, so doesn’t appear in video games such as Marvel’s Avengers, but she is a much-loved and recognized character from the franchise.

She’s played the character no fewer than seven times since 2008, but she already had an Oscar for her role in Shakespeare in Love before that.

Paltrow has practiced cupping therapy, transcendental mediation and owns a company called Goop which practices treatments based on pseudoscience.

It’s really no surprise she is also a minimalist, with such a varied and uncluttered life philosophy. Her Tribeca apartment is a homage to the color white, with sharp, clean edges and not a single item out of place.

Credit: Georges Biard,Gwyneth Paltrow avp Iron Man 3 Paris, CC BY-SA 3.0

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