6 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Become More Productive Every Day

We all struggle with productivity. Some get more things done than others, but we all find ourselves in situations where procrastination hits, and we simply cannot get started. In these moments of laziness, we often resort to space-age productivity techniques. Sometimes, however, simplicity is the way to become more productive. 

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We get a trendy standing desk to further our concentration. We turn on the “late-night work chillstep” playlist. And finally, we isolate ourselves in a room to create the ultimate productivity-furthering environment.

All well and good, but sometimes, the best ways to become more productive are actually the easiest.

Having been a full-time content creator for over three years now, I’ve tried every productivity technique known to man. I read dozens of books, watched videos, experimented with meditation techniques, and went on digital detoxes.

Ridiculously easy ways to become more productive

In the end, I found that the best ways to become more productive are the least challenging. It’s all about simplifying your workflow and adding a few steps to your daily routine.

On this basis, here are six ridiculously easy ways to become more productive every day.

Ridiculously Easy Ways to Become More Productive Every Day
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Start with nothing

Whenever you have a challenging task on your schedule, the quickest way to productivity is to start at zero.

In this context, I remember pitching a writing project for a client. They wanted three travel-related articles that would promote their destination and asked me to present my ideas.

I spent hours trying to craft the “perfect” presentation. I wanted to showcase why I was the right man for the job. In the end, the slides were convoluted and not reader-friendly. I had just spent four hours trying to showcase my skills, but the result was unsatisfactory.

I made a radical call: instead of sending them ten complicated slides, I got back to the drawing board.

One hour later, I had completed an oversimplified presentation on one slide. It highlighted three points: my experience, my content creation style, and my ideas.

The clients gave me the job. They later lauded my simple way of presenting my project. As such, they wanted my services because they believed that I could apply this straightforward approach to the content itself.

The experience provided a crystal-clear lesson: instead of overcomplicating a challenging task, start with nothing, and focus on the most crucial points. By getting rid of unnecessary complexity, you’ll get more done in less time without losing quality.

Spot and utilize microbursts

One of the easiest ways to become more productive is to take advantage of “microbursts.”

microburst is a meteorological phenomenon that causes short but powerful winds. Those localized bursts often last less than 15 minutes, but they can cause severe damage.

When we are working on an arduous project, we can experience productivity microbursts.

After taking the first essential step — like starting our essay or making an important call, we often feel a surge in motivation that can lead to short periods of high productivity.

We know that we’ve taken crucial action by commencing — and that knowledge creates a microburst.

It’s during these microbursts that we need to get into a workflow. Utilize those 10–15 minutes to get the productivity train rolling, and you’ll remain focused for the rest of the day.

As an example, starting a writing project is always the most challenging part for me. Resistance is strong, and procrastinating factors lurk everywhere.

Once I’ve written the first sentence, however, I know that the hardest part is done. As such, I spend the next 15 minutes structuring the article and getting as many ideas onto paper as possible. That way, I’ve utilized a microburst to complete the essence of the project.

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