8 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life Every Day

You don’t need to own 100 things or less to simplify your life. In other words, you don’t have to become a fully-fledged minimalist to enjoy the benefits of simplification.

Simplifying your life is all about taking a few small steps that will have an impact daily.

Whether it’s your personal or professional life, adopting simplicity-driven habits is the key to more focus, productivity, and satisfaction. 

Ways to simplify your life every day

In the words of Confucius,

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” 

On this basis, here are eight ridiculously simple ways to simplify your life every day.

8 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life Every Day
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Prepare your outfit

Many people spend ages getting ready in the morning. 

They try to find the right shoes to match their pants, and they endlessly ponder which bag will suit their outfit.

One easy way to avoid this scenario is to prepare your clothes before going to bed. 

For some, preparing outfits for an entire week works well. Others might be more fashionable and change every day. Whatever you choose, try to avoid wasting time in the morning by looking for a suitable set of clothes.

Put your phone into flight mode for a few hours

My mornings are for creative work, so I don’t answer any emails or do administrative tasks before 12. 

In the beginning, I struggled a lot with this self-defined rule, so I needed a quick solution.

Putting my phone into flight mode (and sometimes in a different room) was the best way to stop checking notifications and random emails. 

Limit your everyday carry

Another powerful way to simplify your daily life is to carry less stuff. 

Ask yourself: do you really need all these cosmetics, extra chargers, and tech items? 

Once you perform an honest analysis of all the stuff that’s currently in your bag, you’ll find ways to reduce your EDC. And after you reduce your EDC to the minimum, you’ll become more focused and less worried about losing something. 

Organize your bathroom

Akin to looking for the right outfit, having a messy bathroom steals valuable time in the morning. 

That’s why it’s best to put all your everyday grooming gear into a fixed place. You’ll get up in the morning, and you’ll instantly find your toothbrush, perfume, and other cosmetics. You won’t spend 20 minutes looking for the right soap.

As such, organizing your bathroom might not sound like a life-changing habit. Combined with other simplification tricks, however, it can have a profound effect on the quality of your daily life.

Plan your breakfast

Having the same breakfast every day might sound a bit tedious. Nevertheless, it’s a surefire way to simplify your life.

Much like organizing your bathroom, putting all your breakfast ingredients in the right place will save you time in the morning. You won’t spend time wondering what kind of sandwich to make or where your cornflakes are. 

In this context, I love to put ingredients like pasta, rice, oats, and corn flakes into plain containers. That way, I avoid visual clutter and add an element of zen to my kitchen.

Make a list of 3-4 crucial tasks every night

The next part of the simplification process concerns your to-do list.

If you have a to-do list with a million tasks and no strategy, you’ll never get anything done. 

In this regard, one of the best ways to fix your to-do list is to use an elimination approach. Eliminate all the non-essential tasks from your list. In the end, you should end up with three or four. After that, don’t accept anymore. 

As Leo Babauta writes on Zen Habits,

“Take a few minutes to review your task and project lists, and see how much you can simplify them. Make it a challenge. See if you can cut it in half! If you’ve got 50 items, cut it down to 25. Then try to cut it even further a few days later.”

The idea is to progressively transform your overloaded list into a collection of essential tasks that will have a genuine impact. 

Reduce your browser tabs and bookmarks 

Digital simplification can take on many forms, but one of the best is to reject multitasking. 

We’re all guilty of it. We work on one task but suddenly receive an email and open a second tab. Then a third one. An hour later, we end up with ten different browser tabs and don’t know where to start. 

The antidote is straightforward: impose a browser tab limit on yourself. 

It can be three, two, or even one. Do not open more tabs until you’ve finished with the essential ones. 

The idea is to avoid entering a cycle of opening more and more tabs without closing others. By sticking to your limit, you’ll be sure to actually get work done without having to take on more all the time. 

Simplify your dinner

Finally, simplifying your dinner routine is a habit that will boost your mindfulness and your finances. 

Instead of ordering takeout every other day, cook several dinners in advance. 

As an example, you could cook three dinners for Monday to Wednesday and two for Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, you’ll go out with friends, and on Sunday, you’ll visit family.

You’ll undoubtedly save money. Better still, you’ll also have an opportunity to waste less food and learn new recipes.

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