5 Great Coffee Table Books About Minimalism And Design

Who doesn’t love a hygge Sunday afternoon with hot beverages, relaxing background music, and some coffee table books about minimalism? 

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Whether you want to enjoy a light read or entertain your guests with some aesthetic books on display, these five books about design will transmit a soothing vibe.

5 great coffee table books about minimalism and design

This is Home – the Art of Simple Living by Natalie Walton 

Natalie Walton’s This is Home has become one of the major references when it comes to coffee table books about minimalism.

This is Home employs an essentialist approach in relation to interior design and goes back to the basic principles of “happy living.”

Inspired by case studies from Australia, the US, and Scandinavia, Walton’s book delivers ideas on how to cut out the unnecessary to focus on the essence of living. 

On this basis, if you want to simplify your space per essentialist guidelines, This is Home should be a permanent guest on your coffee table.  

This is Home – the Art of Simple Living by Natalie Walton on Amazon

The Japanese Garden by Sophie Walker 

Every stylish living room should include at least one coffee table book about Japanese gardens.

In this context, Sophie Walker’s brilliant compilation of essays and pictures paints an expansive image of the history, style, and global significance of Japanese gardens. 

A garden designer herself, Walker describes over 800 years of design history and also offers intriguing insights into Japanese culture. 

On this basis, if you are looking for outdoor-related coffee table books about minimalism, The Japanese Garden will add some oriental flair to your book collection. 

The Japanese Garden by Sophie Walker on Amazon

The Kinfolk Home by Nathan Williams 

Much like This is Home, Nathan Williams’ The Kinfolk Home is all about focusing on the essentials.

Using minimalist ideas as well as community-fostering layouts, The Kinfolk Home has become a must-read for any design enthusiast. Aside from decluttering, Williams’ coffee table book also highlights the importance of “slow living.” 

In light of Scandinavian hygge culture, The Kinfolk Home outlines the perks of tempering stress factors by slowing down and simplifying in the process.

In essence: slow your life down by simplifying your space to attain more serenity and less hassle.  

The Kinfolk Home by Nathan Williams on Amazon

Chanel: Collections and Creations by Daniel Bott 

Simplicity and casual elegance are practically synonymous with Chanel in the fashion world.

At a time when women were expected to dress in uncomfortable clothes to look formal, Coco Chanel redefined the term “laidback.”

Never afraid of social norms, Chanel became one of the most influential fashion icons of the 20th century by implementing minimalist timelessness and promoting female entrepreneurship. 

Collections and Creations by Daniel Bott is one of the best coffee table books about minimalism thanks to its beautiful photography, covering a wide variety of Coco’s designs.

Brimming with artistic shots, the content ranges from dresses to accessories and also inventive beauty products. 

In this context, Bott’s book grants exclusive access to Chanel’s private archives and reveals some of Coco Chanel’s most innovative 1920s designs. Bold and unruly, this coffee table book celebrates her legacy.  

Chanel: Collections and Creations by Daniel Bott on Amazon

Frank Lloyd Wright – the Houses by Alan Hess 

Frank Lloyd Wright (“FLW”) is one of the greatest architects of all time and a pioneer of clean, functional lines. His creative career spanned over 70 years and comprised more than 1,000 structures.

Wright’s philosophy of “organic architecture” is still popular among designers today and also contains minimalist elements. 

Even though FLW’s holistic approach to buildings – integrating the same patterns into windows, floors, and furniture – doesn’t necessarily adhere to the principles of minimalism, his innovative materials and practical layouts work well in modern essentialist thinking.

FLW’s connection with Japan and especially Japanese art is another testimony to his love of functionality. 

The Houses by Alan Hess contains a vast collection of Frank Lloyd Wright houses in the US, including the world-famous Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. A must for architecture lovers, The Houses is certainly among the best design-related coffee table books to prettify your living room.

Frank Lloyd Wright – the Houses by Alan Hess on Amazon

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